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Based on research and work with the military and corporations, Starfish Business Transformation program objectives are accomplished by overlaying the formal organization (spider) within a starfish network to drive progress against key challenges and build structures that help the organization become adaptive and resilient. Starfish Business Transformations:

  • Help the organization to articulate and align a core group of people around the need for them to change and transform

  • Energize participants by showing them new ways to operate and succeed with Starfish principles

  • Help build new leadership capabilities and support behavior shifts, building on Radical Inclusion leadership principles

  • Identify and shape initiatives to move the organization towards a future state and create first success stories with tangible results and space for experimentation



Our program designs and delivery are highly customizable based on the needs of the organization. Sample programs include:


Senior Executive Session


Managers Program


Problem-Solving for Business Units


Starfish Trainer Certification Program

Objective: Gain understanding of Starfish Leadership principles; learn concrete tools executives can implement in the organization.

Format: Interactive discussion and exercises, combining framework and specific problem-solving of a concrete issue using Starfish Leadership principles.

Size: 12-30 senior leaders

Length: Half-day

Objective: Gain understanding of Starfish Leadership principles; develop specific skills to implement Starfish Leadership networks; begin solving—in small teams—one of three problems defined by senior leadership.

Size: 25 managers

Format: Three-part process including pre-program interviews, delivery of program (lecture, video clips, discussion, interactive exercises, problem-solving of a concrete issue using Starfish Leadership principles, mastery of specific tools managers can utilize in their organization), and post-program accountability follow-ups.

Length: 1-day program with half-day follow-up program

Objective: Engage large portion of staff to (a) directly engage in problem-solving initiative and thus (b) improve collaboration within the culture by actually working together on a joint project.

Size: 100 employees across various levels of the business unit

Format: 2-day problem-solving sessions mixing instruction with small-group tactical teams working on specific problem-solving initiatives. Modules include: framework and problem identification, presentation of problem statements, problem definition, forming starfish networks, cross-pollinating ideas, bringing the cause to the community, the emotional component of starfish, senior leader involvement, and next steps.

Length: 2 days

Objective: Provide deep knowledge and insight to would-be starfish trainers within the organization

Size: 12 managers or employees

Format: Immersive 3-part process: selection, 10-day immersive offsite training mixing theory with facilitation skills, and results measuring with ongoing network engagement to share ideas and experiences.

Length: 10 days


To bring Starfish Leadership to your organization or for questions regarding our programs, send an email to Rachel at rvick@starfishleadership.com or use the form to contact us.