Starfish Leadership works with business teams and organizations to improve performance by integrating principles of decentralization into their leadership. Our founder, Ori Brafman, wrote about the decentralized network business model in the best-selling book, The Starfish and The Spider. This management classic has influenced and changed organizations as diverse as the Pentagon, Cisco Systems, Facebook, the Tea Party, and UC Berkeley. 


Programs include:

  • Starfish Summits: 1- and 2-day workshops for industry leaders who want to experience accelerated learning from engaging with people on similar journeys in radically different contexts

  • Starfish Business Transformations: Organizational change programs for business teams facing transformational challenges brought about by disruption and technology 

  • Starfish Convenings: Assemblies of individuals and teams from across industries to tackle pressing issues and challenges, learn from one another, and develop business opportunities



"The best and most productive three hours I've spent during my entire time in government service."

- Senior White House Official