Dr. Rom Brafman - Starfish Leadership



Dr. Rom Brafman is the New York Times bestselling author of Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior and Click: The Magic of Instant Connections

A practicing psychologist, Rom’s expertise is in creating effective team dynamics, as well as in the psychology that affects our decision-making processes. He has worked with senior leaders across business, government, and the military on the formation of productive working units and has advised C-level executives on the toughest issues facing their companies. 

Rom has written about the underlying human interaction forces within organizations for Psychology Today, the New York TimesFortune, and Fast Company. He has appeared on National Public Radio and CNN and in Nature magazine.  

Taking a humanistic approach, Rom is an expert at helping people and organizations identify their hidden strengths and leveraging these to bring out their fullest potential.

Rom has a talent for getting to the bottom of a problem and coming up with approaches and solutions that let people see themselves and each other in a new light. This transformational approach is the essence of Rom’s work.

Rom holds a doctoral degree in psychology. He has won awards for excellence in teaching and promoting positive human growth. 

He is interested in the topics of resilience, empowerment, and transformation and their manifestation in individual and interpersonal dynamics. His specialty is employee engagement, selection, and the psychological forces that affect corporate culture.