Since Starfish was first published in 2006, people have been reaching out for advice on how to leverage the principles articulated in Ori's books--how to foster decentralized relationships and networks within hierarchical structures and across industries. 

These inquiries have led to relationships with CEOs, generals, investors, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, marketers, and others who believe in the power of decentralized networks. So we decided to start a network of our own and introduce new members at 1- and 2-day Starfish Summits.

Guests of Starfish Summits experience accelerated learning from engaging with people on similar journeys in radically different contexts and bond into a tribe whose members continue to lend each other counsel and support long after the workshop is over.

Participation is by invitation/application only. 



If you are interested in attending an upcoming summit, please send an email to or use the form to contact us